By Dziubeka Ireland is open! November 15, 2015 21:45

I'm thrilled to let you know that I've launched my store By Dziubeka Ireland with beautiful fashion jewellery.

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See below small selection and visit my website to see all collections.

By Dziubeka Ireland

Earrings made of glass crystals and anti-allergic metal  Crystals colour: Transparent, Graphite, Cornflower, Shades of Blue Metal colour: Silver


Bracelet made of jeans and anti-allergic metal with glass crystals  Jeans colour: Blue  Metal colour: Mat Silver  Crystals colour: Sky Blue

Bracelet made of swarovski crystals, leather band and anit-allergic metal  Leather colour: Pink  Metal colour: Silver  Crystals colour: Opalescent

Bracelet made of leather, ceramics and anti-allergic metal  Ceramics colour: White, Pink, blend of Greys  Leather colour: Grey  Metal colour: Silver


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